Vegan tastes better

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Vegan gelato no longer means more restrictions and less taste. Whether you want to meet specific consumer requirements or try out new recipes, the Essenza Vegan Base is an innovative product, both in terms of composition and customizability.

Its mouthfeel resembles a normal milk base in texture, but the creaminess is achieved by mixing with water or plant-based drinks. An incredible result from 100% plant-based ingredients.

Why choose the Essenza Vegan Base?

To taste the full flavour of a milk base without compromising on vegan values. You won’t notice the difference and will enjoy a more substantial texture and consistency. Not good enough for you? Then know that you can achieve an excellent yield from both water and plant-based drinks.

What can you create using the Essenza Vegan Base?

There are no limits: all flavours are possible. The Essenza Vegan Base expands your list of vegan offerings to include even more creamy and distinctive variations. The result will always be a top-quality, plant-based product full of flavour.

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