The natural evolution of gelato

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The new frontier of gelato is all natural. Emulsifiber is the innovative Essenza gelato base made from vegetable fibres and milk proteins with strong emulsifying capacities, designed primarily to replace mono- and diglycerides. Whatever your production needs, you’ll achieve a quality product with a creamy texture, better overrun and the ability to maintain perfect structure, even during in-window display.

A complete, artisanal gelato, strictly additive free, just waiting to be customized? Try it to believe it!

What makes the Emulsifiber Base stand out from the rest?

Its completely natural composition based on vegetable fibres and advanced technical properties. The result is a gelato unique in taste, structure and performance.

What are its characteristics?

Emulsifiber can be used in both cold and hot processes to create clean-label recipes with an incredible, authentic taste. The constant? It’s additive, colouring and flavouring free.

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