An industrial gelato designed for the future

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Industrial gelato with a clean-label formula? Essenza introduces a new level of natural quality tailored to industrial processes: the Fibericecream plant-based nucleus.

Continuous research and testing of ingredients and raw materials have culminated in a plant-fibre based technical product. A clean-label alternative to standard neutrals.

And it doesn’t just taste good. Fibericecream acts as a stabilizing agent and structural improver, delaying the melting of gelato and ensuring optimum yield over time.

What is Fibericecream?

A plant-based product for industrial production, as an alternative to classic neutrals. The solution for creating high-tech clean-label ingredient lists.

What makes Fibericecream a unique and different product?

It is a technical improver that allows you to obtain an industrial gelato with increased resistance to thermal shock and excellent structure maintenance over time, limiting melting.

What more does it have to offer?

Fibericecream not only brings processing advantages but, as an alternative to carob flour, economic ones, too.

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